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Our Team


The Team Concept

Think about all of the people involved in making your favorite resort the experience it is: Bellmen, check-in clerks, maids, designers, architects, builders, investors and so forth. Every person, whether you see them or not, plays a specific role in creating a holistic and enjoyable experience for you.

The real estate industry is largely comprised of individual agents who manage every part of a real estate transaction. That’s like asking the valet guy to cook and deliver your breakfast, make your bed, design the lobby, and build the pool!

To optimize this old approach for our clients, we have adopted a team model in which each member of our team has a specific role and brings a unique skill set and expertise to their position.

So take a breath, relax, and know that our team is here to give you a world-class resort experience!



John Gluch

Growing up, John’s father told him that he could be anything he wanted to be, except for a banker or a Real Estate Agent. So, in 2003, after earning a Finance degree from ASU, John promptly began a full-time career in real estate. Now, of the more than forty thousand agents in Arizona, John ranks in the top 100. His dad has since changed his mind.

One of John’s greatest strengths is in seeing connections that are not always obvious. His ability to think laterally has secured deals and solved problems for our clients that would otherwise seem impossible. For example, in seeing that clients often struggle with purchasing a new home at the same time they need to sell theirs, John created a system in which our clients can “trade up” their homes, optimizing the auto industry’s approach to the same problem.

John has also assembled a passionate team to support our clients in every facet of buying or selling their homes. He is proud to be the catalyst of change within the real estate industry and within the lives of hundreds of clients throughout the years!

Jeremy Lentine

Jeremy Lentine

Jeremy is our team’s most careful thinker, and his methodical and detail-oriented approach is a balance within a team of fast decision makers. As an extension of his calculated way of thinking, Jeremy received both a Bachelor’s degree and an MBA in Finance from ASU.

While Jeremy began his career in the investment world, 2007 marked his transition into real estate with a focus on developing and restructuring residential communities and commercial properties. With over one billion dollars worth of real estate transactions under his belt, Jeremy is an exceptionally knowledgeable advocate for our clients. He is also a great ally for people who are seeking investment properties or who plan to remodel their home after purchase, as he flips several properties a year and has an uncanny ability to see value where others may not.

Jeremy, Adrianne, and their three children (Braylen, Winston, and Georgia) live in the Arcadia area and believe there is no better place to raise their family.


Brad Stewart

Brad is a fourth generation Arizona native and has been rooted in this state’s culture and community for his entire life. Brad also carries a true passion for everything he does and has had great success because of it. From touring across the country in a successful rock band to being a restaurant founder, owner, and operator, Brad brings an unparalleled level of energy and customer service to our clients.

In June of 2015, Brad married his beautiful wife Liz (who already shared the same last name as Brad, just spelled a little different!). They love new adventures, traveling, and being active together.


Justin Benson

Not only does Justin have the best hair in real estate, he is one of the most talented agents in the business and is a pro at helping our clients think outside the box.

Justin came to our team with an extensive background in fundraising multi-million dollar campaigns. The nature of the nonprofit industry helped him form the ability to develop and implement creative strategies and has translated seamlessly to real estate.

Justin works hard for our clients and is an incredible problem solver for them. For example, we recently sold a home on behalf of an out-of-state client. We accepted a good offer on the home, but then we learned a few weeks into the deal that the buyer’s lender could not close the loan due to the Homeowner’s Association newly published budget, which did not meet the buyer’s lender’s requirements. So, rather than giving up the deal and moving on to the next buyer, Justin attended the next board meeting for the HOA and convinced them to revise the budget. In doing so, he saved the deal and has since solved similar would-be hopeless scenarios for our clients.

Justin married his wife, Faith, in 2013 and they currently reside in Tempe, enjoying their community and all the city has to offer.


Kevin Gluch

Kevin hails from a long-standing career in law enforcement in which he single-handedly managed over 200 employees’ schedules and posts within his organization. His ability to take in requests, organize them, and implement solutions makes him a strategic ally for our clients and a great addition to the Gluch Group.

And, if you were wondering about the last name, Kevin is John’s brother! They grew up all over the country together – from Washinton, D.C. to Arizona – but they are different in many ways. Kevin likes to joke that by the time John had finished reading the manuals for his Christmas presents, Kevin had already run the batteries out of his. Kevin’s enthusiasm is still a staple of his personality, though as an adult, he now pauses to read the manuals once in awhile.

Kevin is a Tempe resident who loves his city, his wife, and his cats. With a host gifting, he spends much of his free time inviting family and friends into his home to connect and relax with jazz music, good bourbon, and even better conversations.


Michelle Abraham

Michelle got her start at Gluch Group as our “Wow Coordinator.” She graduated from ASU with a degree in Psychology, and soon after realized her passion for gifting and finding opportunities to celebrate others. Through her creative process, Michelle has mastered the art of making hand-dipped candles, smoky caramels, and unique flower arraignments. She has even perfected the bow tie.

When she is not knee-deep in crafting, Michelle loves being in nature, trying new restaurants, and relaxing at home with her beloved husband, Brett, and their dog, Rusty Ranger the Brave.

What makes Michelle a unique addition to Gluch Group is her desire to walk into the lives of our clients and come alongside them so that we can celebrate their victories and sometimes extend our deepest sympathies. At our very core, Gluch Group is a company that truly values being present in the lives of our clients, past and present. We believe this way of doing business extends far beyond what we can even see! We are reaching new levels of thoughtfulness and Michelle is the creative behind it all.


Stephanie Brewer

In addition to being an actual, legitimate distant cousin of George Washington, Stephanie is also Gluch Group’s transaction coordinator. She was born and raised in Kansas City, MO and graduated with her Bachelor’s in Business Administration with an emphasis in marketing from the University of Missouri in 2009. After graduating, Stephanie shined (like her Royals World Series Champions) as a licensed realtor in both Kansas and Missouri on one of the top real estate teams in Kansas City. She worked with them as a Listings and Marketing Coordinator for two years before the snow chased her away to sunny Arizona.

Stephanie earned her Arizona real estate license and served as Listings Coordinator and Team Director for a top luxury team in Scottsdale before joining our team. Now, she works tirelessly to make sure every detail is handled when your home goes under contract, and she’ll see your deal through to a successful resolve.

In her spare time, Stephanie likes to spend time with her dog, Marley, and husband, Kyle. She enjoys hiking, golfing, traveling, and binging Netflix shows in between.


Lindsey Blatney

Lindsey is the reason our whole team isn’t wearing tank tops and overalls for our website photos. With experience working for large, national brands like Anthropologie, Lindsey is a marketing guru who gives the properties we list an edge above the rest.

We brought Lindsey on to help us think outside the box about the core marketing ideas behind selling a home, as we know that the standard marketing approaches within real estate are often dusty and lacking.

Lindsey also does an amazing job keeping our office a well-oiled machine and making sure that each of our clients has a smooth, hassle-free experience.


Herman Lee

Practically born with a camera in-hand, Herman is our team photographer. Having a career in teaching and pastoring, he is very comfortable in front of large crowds and really loves spending time with people, but secretly just prefers to be a fly on the wall with his camera.

His outlook on photography is the same as every other part of his life: Give something that you can be proud of – whether it’s taking a picture, doing your job, or raising your family.

Herman, his wife Larissa, and daughter Audra are all born-and-raised Arizonans who love hiking, spending time with their community, vacationing anywhere cooler, the Phoenix Suns, and all desserts.


Casey Block

Casey was born in Arizona and grew up as a valley native. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing at the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University. His well-rounded career in real estate began in early 2005 as a traditional resale agent specializing in the East Valley.

He later transitioned into new home sales at Lennar Homes, where he sold over 15 million dollars of real estate. His next transition led him to the foreclosure market where he teamed up with a growing real estate investment company. Over the course of the following 18 months, he evaluated and acquired over 75 million dollars of real estate at 20-30% discounts off market value. He also hired and trained a staff that grew from 1 assistant to 11 total employees within two years to support the growing volume of purchases and sales.

In his career to date, Casey has acquired and sold over 200 million dollars of real estate and considers himself fortunate to have been a part of many facets of real estate including traditional, investment, commercial, multifamily, and new homes.


Josh Girgenti

Josh was born and raised here in the good ole Valley of the Sun. He graduated from Grand Canyon University with a Bachelor’s in Health Care Administration. He is currently achieving his dream of completing his Master’s in Ministry with an emphasis in Leadership Development. He has an incredibly deep passion for people and loves helping others discover more about themselves and learn to become better leaders in the places they live, work, and play.

Josh serves as the Office and Client Services Coordinator. He is the glue for our Team and helps ensure that our agents are set up for success with clients and in the field.

In his free time, Josh is the Director of a non-profit worship ministry called Renew PHX. He also enjoys investing quality time with friends and family and getting outdoors. Hiking, biking, camping, traveling, and exploring new places are just some of his favorites.


Andrea Winterhof

Andrea considers herself a native to the Valley of the Sun, having lived in this beautiful state since she was one. She loves calling Arizona home! With her love of Arizona, a desire to help others, and an incredible passion for homes, she decided to turn the three into a career. Andrea has worked in various fields within the Real Estate Industry and loves the different aspects of the business and appreciates how it’s evolving constantly. Andrea has many years of experience drafting and reviewing contracts for a large financial institution. She is extremely detail oriented, thorough, and a proactive listener, which allows her to help our clients through the process of buying and selling properties with ease and their best interests in mind! Her goal as part of our transaction coordinating team is to make the process easy, fun and enjoyable from start to finish.

Andrea is married to Nathan, has two fur children, loves spending time with family and friends, coffee enthusiast, Mexican food fanatic, enjoys the outdoors, and truly believes laughter is the best medicine.


Garett Chatham

Garett is an Arizona native born and raised. He spent 5 years in Newport Beach, California chasing his dream of becoming a rock star. Needless to say, he has a passion for playing and performing music. He currently leads worship at Central Christian Church and for various Young Life events.

Garett came onto our team with a background in fundraising for elementary schools. He was the lead developer for a national company and designed leadership programs to encourage elementary students to live out their full potential- and to change the world! He brings this same passion of encouragement and care into real estate. His desire is to make sure everyone he encounters knows that they are important and valued. Garett is a tremendous asset to our team.

Garett and his wife, Tessa, live in the Phoenix area with their tortoise. They are involved in Young Life at Grand Canyon University, and host a weekly gathering of 20 or so college students who want to grow in their faith and community. They love working on projects around their house and binge watching Netflix series.