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Pinki Bhandari


Pinki Bhandari serves as an executive assistant to several members of our sales team. After completing her post-graduate work in History from Delhi University Pinki joined a large MultiNational Company MNC worked there for almost 10 years as a Data Analyst. Her work there gave her a passion for attention to detail and she loves ensuring that our sales team and clients have every t crossed and I dotted. Pinki works hard to keep our real estate agents organized and ensures that our clients receive lightning-fast responses to their inquiries.

Pinki is a traveler and likes adventure. In her spare time, she watches cartoon movies and listens to podcasts and music. Pinki is married to Nikhil who is also on our team and together they have developed some new hobbies including cooking and running. In 2019 they reached a huge milestone completing the Delhi half marathon and their dream is to participate in the New York Marathon. She has a very positive outlook towards life and believes that if you do good, good will come to you.

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