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Alex joined the Gluch group a little over a year ago and has enjoyed every minute working with such a great team. As one of the top agents on the team he truly has a passion for helping his clients.. Regardless if his clients are buying or selling a home, Alex will go above and beyond to make sure that they are in good hands.

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Alex found his calling in real estate through his experience of buying his first home at just 22 years old. He and his wife, Jackie, were living in Austin, Texas, and had been saving every penny they had since they got married. For various reasons, Alex wasn’t able to fulfill his dream of becoming a real estate agent right away and instead worked in the sales industry. Little did he know that by working in sales he was setting himself up with a great foundation of skills for the real estate industry. After moving back to their hometown, Phoenix, Alex and Jackie were blessed with twin girls and then a boy. With their roots planted, Alex decided to finally fulfill his dream of becoming a realtor and joined the Gluch Group. Alex’s long journey to a career in real estate has made him all the more passionate about what he does. His desire to help others, combined with his exceptional negotiating, problem solving and account management skills, make him an excellent realtor to work with. Alex and his family currently live in North Phoenix. They enjoy spending their summers on the lake and their winters in Flagstaff on the mountain. Alex is also a die-hard soccer fan and player and is happiest while coaching his kids’ soccer teams.One of John’s greatest strengths is in seeing connections that are not always obvious. His ability to think laterally has secured deals and solved problems for our clients that would otherwise seem impossible. For example, in seeing that clients often struggle with purchasing a new home at the same time they need to sell theirs, John created a system in which our clients can “trade up” their homes, optimizing the auto industry’s approach to the same problem.

John has also assembled a passionate team to support our clients in every facet of buying or selling their homes. He is proud to be the catalyst of change within the real estate industry and within the lives of his now thousands of past clients.

John, his wife Brynne, and two children Eden and Trey enjoy traveling as a family, spending time with friends outdoors on the weekends, and driving their kids all over town 7 days a week for practices and recitals.



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