Important Things To Repair Before Selling Your Home In Phoenix

What To Repair Before Selling Your Home In Phoenix

When homeowners in Phoenix decide to sell their homes there is a slew of things that must be done in order to prepare. The number one way to ensure that a home is ready to sell is to keep the home in good repair while living in it. This is the best way to create a home that will pay significant dividends when the homeowner does decide to sell.

Most of the time, homeowners try their hardest to keep their homes up-to-date and in proper working order. However, many choose to customize their homes to their individual needs and wants such as paint colors, appliances, etc. Homeowners may also be unaware of certain aspects of their homes that may need to be updated or repaired. The most time-consuming process of selling a home in Phoenix is making sure the structural and visual aspects of the home are in tip-top shape. However, not only does this process help boost the selling value of the home, but it also attracts more buyers as many do not want to buy a home that requires numerous updates and repairs.

Oftentimes, necessary home repairs aren’t realized until a home inspection is requested by a prospective buyer. Even if the homeowner agrees to pay for the full cost of repair of the issue, many prospective buyers are turned off by the need for repair. Phoenix real estate agents at the Gluch Group recommend that homeowners in Phoenix suburbs and everywhere else in Arizona consider repairing a few key factors in the home before putting their home on the market.

Exterior Home Repairs In Phoenix

The exterior of a home is the first thing a prospective buyer sees when they view a home in person for the first time. In fact, it’s one of the biggest determining factors as to whether or not a prospective buyer will purchase the home. If the outside of the home has an obvious need for repair or update, it is likely that prospective buyers will not choose to purchase the home. This is mainly because any visible damage or necessary repairs will make a prospective buyer feel as if the home has other problems they can’t see, or won’t be a good investment in the long run. Here are a few home exterior repairs that Phoenix homeowners can conduct to improve the appearance of their homes as well as boost the home value at the same time.

Garage Doors

First impressions matter a lot, and the garage door plays an important role in that. In addition to providing a good first impression, a well-maintained or newly replaced garage door will increase curb appeal and increase the value of the home. If homeowners don’t fix their worn-out or damaged garage doors before listing their homes for sale, they could end up losing thousands on the value of their homes. 

When garage doors have major dings or dents, they are very unappealing to prospective buyers. Any hardware on the garage doors should be in good condition. Additionally, weatherstripping should be in good condition and fully functional. These are two things that can be easily fixed by homeowners. Many hardware stores carry garage door hardware and weatherstripping, and there are many instructional videos on how to install them. It’s also important to ensure that the garage door remote works properly as well. In addition to meeting all local codes and safety requirements, the door should also be energy efficient. If the door has large dings, dents, or a damaged coil spring, the door may need to be replaced. The cost of a new garage door may seem like it has a hefty price tag, but in reality, it will add way more value to the home in the long run.


Curb appeal plays a large role in forming the first impression that potential home buyers have of a home. However, many people overlook or underestimate the exterior landscaping of their homes when preparing to sell. Homeowners can increase their home’s value by up to 10% with an attractive and well-maintained landscape. Our 2023 guide to lawn maintenance for Scottsdale and Phoenix has some great ideas for sprucing up the landscaping and boosting curb appeal.

In ideal circumstances, Phoenix real estate agents recommend homeowners being cleaning up their yards about a month prior to placing their homes on the market. If given this amount of time, they will be able to get everything in order without causing the impression that everything was arranged at the last minute. If a homeowner would like to sell their home in Phoenix quickly, they should consider these tips for sprucing up their yard.

  • Fix Up Any Mulch – In all garden beds, applying a fresh layer of mulch is a great way to spruce things up. As a result of the pop of color, the surrounding plants stand out more and make more of a statement. Mulch can also be applied easily and is relatively cheap.
  • Trim Trees & Shrubs – Any pruning chore that’s been overlooked regardless of the season should be completed since dead branches are a sure sign of neglect. In addition to the home, the garden should be exhibited to show how well the property has been maintained. Regardless of the season, deciduous shrubs and trees can be pruned any time of year. 
  • Fix Any Irrigation Issues – Irrigation systems should be fixed if they have any problems. There are often high costs associated with irrigation system repairs, and homeowners shouldn’t shift those costs to the buyer. Additionally, if the irrigation system is automatic, be sure to provide details about the irrigation schedule. Instructions should be provided on how the system operates on a watering schedule should be recommended based on what the homeowner has found to be effective. 

Interior Home Repairs In Phoenix

One of the biggest decisions a homeowner will ever make is whether or not to sell their home. Nevertheless, if they are striving to obtain the best possible price for their property, homeowners might want to consider investing in its interior. This is because it is possible that the closing price of the home may be influenced by its current state.

It is common for home repairs to be required after living in a house for many years. The majority of people don’t consider this until they decide to sell. The following are a few recommendations of things to keep in mind, simple ways to freshen things up, and repairs homeowners should make before their list their homes for sale.

Repair Or Replace Flooring

There is no doubt that flooring sets the tone for the entire house, regardless of whether the homeowner realizes it. When potential buyers tour a home, the flooring will be one of the first things on their minds. Potential buyers will also be able to detect any issues with the flooring as they walk through the home. Everything should be in good condition, from laminate to carpet.

Whether it is cracked tiles, carpet stains, or scuffed hardwood floors, these factors can negatively influence the appeal of the home to potential buyers. Ensure that any chipped or cracked floor tiles are replaced, or that scratched or dented hardwood is refinished. For carpets that are torn, it is best to replace them or to have them steam cleaned, especially if pets lived in the home. As flooring sets the tone for the rest of the home, it is imperative that homeowners make a good first impression with it.

Repair And Paint Walls And Ceilings

By painting the walls in a neutral color such as white, beige, gray, or earth tones, the home will appear more spacious and inviting to buyers. When prospective buyers have a blank slate, it is much easier for them to imagine themselves in the house. 

Ensure that nail holes in the drywall are repaired as well as minor dings and dents. Whenever there is any discoloration on the walls, such as water damage that has been repaired, it is recommended to paint over them. Refreshing a room with paint is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to do so. Typically, it is also recommended to remove wallpaper, since it is likely buyers won’t share the same tastes as the homeowner.

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