The 2023 Guide For Scottsdale Yard Maintenance

One of the first things people notice when they drive through some of the best neighborhoods in Scottsdale is how different the landscaping is surrounding homes. There are tiny patches of grass with various other plants and rocks placed to create a beautiful landscape that does not heavily depend on water. After all, Scottsdale is located in the Sonoran Desert and the average daily temperature in Scottsdale during the summer is 97 degrees or higher. This means that rain is rare and water is precious. 

Homeowners in Scottsdale choose to display plants that are heat resistant and need little water. This is known as Desert Landscaping. Thankfully, this type of landscaping is easy to maintain and fits any home’s aesthetic while also boosting curb appeal. Improving curb appeal is defining the image of the home. While many homeowners are focused on important home repairs before selling their homes, they also fail to realize how important lawn maintenance and landscaping can be in regards to boosting curb appeal and the value of the home. Landscaping is a selling factor that will create a lasting first impression on any prospective buyer. Desert landscaping is a popular low-maintenance front yard landscaping idea for homes in Scottsdale as well as other areas of Arizona. 

It’s important to realize that low maintenance does NOT mean no maintenance. There may not be a lot to do in order to keep a desert-landscaped yard in good condition, but it’s essential to perform a small amount of maintenance. We have created a complete yard maintenance guide to help guide homeowners through the simple maintenance processes. 

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Guide To Yard Maintenance In Scottsdale

Lawn Maintenance In Scottsdale

Here are 5 easy ways to improve curb appeal with low-maintenance landscaping. 

  • Mowing – This may seem a little unnecessary given that most desert landscapes lack huge amounts of green grass. However, homes that do have patches of grass do need to mow them as they are often used as a soft place for kids and animals to enjoy the outdoors. It’s important to not mow the grass too short, otherwise, it could die because it will dry out faster. By leaving the grass a little longer than usual, you save on watering costs, as the blades of grass retain water. The grass is also the healthiest when it is not mown to a short length. When the grass is healthy it looks its best, which is a great way to improve curb appeal. 
  • Watering – Most desert landscapes do not require much water. This is a money-saver, as well as boosts the value of the home. Remember to not overwater your desert landscape! All plants used in a desert landscape survive on little amounts of water, and if they are overwatered they will not survive. If a homeowner chooses to add flowers to their gardens or desert landscaping to boost the value of their home, they should ensure that the flowers stay alive until closing the sale of the home. Some drought and heat-resistant plants that would create a magnificent landscape full of color are:
    • Arizona Rosewood
    • Bee Brush
    • Brittle Brush
    • Desert Lavender
    • Flame Honeysuckle
    • Langman’s Sage
    • Mexican Bird of Paradise
    • Desert Willows
    •  Saguaro Cacti 
    • Many More!
  • Weeding – Even though there is no grass, there will still be unappealing weeds amongst the desert landscape that surrounds a home. Homeowners usually only have to weed through their landscape every couple of weeks, so this is still low maintenance. Weeding, especially in the front yard, is one of the best ways to boost curb appeal in a short amount of time. Weeding the landscape will remove any nuisance plant that is removing nutrients from the soil that the other plants could be using. Weeding every two weeks will minimize the chance of weeds being able to spread seeds across the landscape, and in time will eventually almost eliminate any weeds. 
  • Pruning – Pruning is a form of maintenance that only needs to be done once a year during the dormant months. It does not take much time and is a quick and easy form of lawn maintenance in Scottsdale. The easiest way to improve the aesthetic of the home is to remove any plants, bushes, or tree limbs that have died. There are two main rules for pruning:
    • Only dead patches should be trimmed to allow new growth to flourish in the spring.
    • Trim only what is absolutely necessary. Trimming more than necessary could cause damage. 
  • Fertilizing – Most types of plants that grow in a desert landscape have adapted to living in environments where water and nutrients are scarce. This ensures that the landscape is always beautiful and not dependent upon receiving fertilizer to flourish. This low-maintenance aspect of landscaping is sure to boost curb appeal. Fertilizing is not needed regularly to keep desert landscape plants alive. However, if flowers or other plants are added to supplement the desert landscape, they would need to be fertilized in order to receive their optimal potential. 

Front Yard Landscaping 

Low-maintenance front yard landscaping is every homeowner’s dream in Scottsdale, Arizona. After all, the front yard is the first impression visitors receive of the home, and what homeowners want to enjoy coming home to. Here are a few low-maintenance ways to improve curb appeal for a Scottsdale home.

  • Pave A Walkway – This is the first thing that should be done when creating a desert landscape front yard. Not only does it provide a great aesthetic, but it also allows occupants of the home to freely move to and from the home without having to dirty their shoes or bare feet. 
  • Plan Out A Resting Area – The backyard doesn’t always have to be where a homeowner and their family spend their outdoor time. Having a planned out seating or resting area in the front yard allows neighbors to chat with each other, as well as allows the homeowner to enjoy every aspect of their home. This additional outdoor area will boost the home’s value in no time. 
  • Add A Water Feature – Adding a water feature near the front resting area will provide an amazing oasis for families to enjoy. Even a small pond with a few koi fish would provide a calming space for relaxation after a hard day’s work. Any added water feature is known to boost the aesthetic and therefore the value of the home!
  • Plant A Shade Tree – Everyone knows how hot and dry it can get in Scottsdale. That’s why adding a shade tree would provide relief from the heat, and protect the landscape below from the harsh rays of sun in the dead summer. Having a fruit tree would boost the value of the home that much more. 

Side Yard Landscaping 

Side yards are often forgotten or given the least amount of effort, therefore they tend to be the least interesting to look at. Spicing up the side yard landscaping is the key to having fully complete, beautiful, and low-maintenance landscaping surrounding the home. Here are a few side yard landscaping ideas that will brighten up and boost the curb appeal of any home!

  • Add A Gate – If the side yard does not already have a gate, adding one could be the simplest way to boost curb appeal. It also adds privacy and security which will ease the mind of any homeowner. 
  • Add A Walkway – The side yard often does not receive water, therefore paving a walkway from the front yard to the backyard will add a beneficial product to your home. With an added gate, a simple tea area could be set up for the homeowner and their guests to enjoy.
  • Low Lighting – Adding low lighting to the side yard will allow visitors and the residents of the home to pass through without having to worry about tripping. Scottsdale does have scorpions, therefore low lighting to light up walkways is essential. Solar-powered low lighting is always a great visual way to boost the curb appeal of the home. 
  • Create A Succulent Garden – Creating a succulent garden in the side yard area is the perfect way to brighten up the unused space. Succulents require little maintenance and little water. Therefore homeowners need not spend countless amounts of time and money making sure the area stays as beautiful as it was at the beginning. Succulents are very popular these days and can significantly improve the appearance and value of the home. 

Backyard Landscaping

The backyard is single-handedly the most frequently used outdoor area of the home. Therefore, having low-maintenance and visually pleasing landscaping is a must for Scottsdale homeowners. If the landscaping in the backyard is insufficient, then it won’t be as enjoyable for guests, and it could be the sole reason people choose not to buy the home. Here are a few low-maintenance ways to improve the value of the home. 

  • Add An Inground Pool – Most homes in Scottsdale have pools, but if a homeowner does not have an inground pool and wants to boost their home’s value, they should consider adding an inground pool. Above-ground pools are an option as well, but they tend to be more of a temporary fixture and require more maintenance. Inground pools are low maintenance and can last for many years. 
  • Add A Fire Pit Or Outdoor Fireplace – Adding a fire pit or outdoor fireplace creates a cozy environment for families to cuddle up together. They also add an irreplaceable sense of peace and security, as well as boost the home’s aesthetic and value.
  • Add A Gazebo or Pergola – Adding a shaded area big enough for the whole family or a group of guests to gather will surely boost the home’s appeal. Beat the heat while visiting with family. Having a backyard gathering space for all to share will bring the home feeling all the way to the backyard. 

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