Top 10 Things to Do With Kids in Phoenix

Top 10 Things To Do in PhoenixAt the Gluch Group, we prioritize the significance of family values and the need for kid-oriented activities in a community. We recognize that creating lasting memories and fostering family bonds are essential aspects of a fulfilling family life.

Phoenix, with its vibrant and welcoming environment, stands as an ideal location for families to thrive. This remarkable city offers a diverse array of experiences that cater to every family’s preferences and interests, whether it’s indoor adventures, outdoor explorations, educational pursuits, or just pure, wholesome fun. Understanding the desires of buyers looking to move to Phoenix, we have carefully curated a list of the top ten activities for kids in Phoenix. This selection showcases the plethora of opportunities available, providing a glimpse into the incredible family-friendly lifestyle that awaits in this marvelous city. We believe that by highlighting these family-friendly activities, we can demonstrate the remarkable quality of life that Phoenix offers to families, making it a compelling choice for those seeking a nurturing and enriching environment to call home.

1. Children’s Museum Of Phoenix

The Children’s Museum Of Phoenix

The Children’s Museum of Phoenix is a premier family destination where kids aged newborn to 10 can explore a world of imagination and creativity. This is the perfect activity for a hot summer day. With 48,000 square feet spanning three floors in the historic Monroe School Building, the museum offers over 300 captivating play experiences. From climbing in the Climber to exploring the Noodle Forest, riding trikes, and engaging with diverse exhibits, every interest is catered to, including music, yoga, math, and science. Additionally, the Art Studio nurtures budding artists’ creativity. The Children’s Museum Of Phoenix exhibits are designed to fully engage a child’s intellectual curiosity as well as stimulate their senses and imagination.

Conveniently located in downtown Phoenix at the SE corner of 7th Street and Van Buren, this museum is accessible and a vibrant hub for family activity, whether you’re a local or a visitor. Notably, it has received multiple prestigious awards, reflecting its commitment to top-tier education and entertainment. General admission tickets are $17.00 for those aged 1 and older, with free access for Museum Members and children under 1. For families seeking an enriching and memorable day out, the Children’s Museum of Phoenix is a must-visit destination, igniting the spark of learning and creativity in every child who walks through its doors.

2. Enchanted Island Amusement Park

Enchanted Island Amusement Park

Enchanted Island Amusement Park in Phoenix shines as an exceptional family-friendly attraction that guarantees boundless excitement. With an extensive array of rides spanning from exhilarating spins and soaring flights to lively bumps and rocking adventures, the park ensures a perfect blend of thrills and pure joy. It caters to all preferences and ages, offering an enchanting journey aboard the C.P. Huntington Train, nostalgic experiences on the Encanto Carousel, and daring thrills on the Parachute Tower and Bumper Boats. Additionally, young aviators can steer their own airplanes on the Red Baron ride With attractions tailored for various age groups, including children 48″ – 54″, those 48″ & under, and adults and children over 54″, the park ensures every member of the family finds their perfect adventure.

The park’s affordable pricing structure, without an entry fee, lets you pay for rides, games, and treats. Tickets can be purchased directly, including a single ride for $5.50 plus tax, 10 rides for $50.00 plus tax, 20 rides for $70.00 plus tax, and the All-Day Ride Pass for $25.75 plus tax. The All-Day Splash Zone Pass offers aquatic fun at $7.00 plus tax, and the Year Pass provides year-round access for $57.50 plus tax.

Enchanted Island’s location at 1202 W. Encanto Blvd., Phoenix, AZ 85007, ensures easy access. Operating on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 5:30 pm to 9:30 pm, the park promises unforgettable family evenings of entertainment and delight.

3. Phoenix Public Library

Phoenix Public LibraryThe Phoenix Public Library (PPL) is a hub of enriching activities for families in the greater Phoenix area. The Phoenix Public Library has 16 different locations within Phoenix to allow access to all families and their children. PPL offers more than books – it’s a support system, granting free access to reliable information. PPL is a gateway to trustworthy knowledge, cultural experiences, and career resources, supported by skilled librarians. At the heart of PPL’s family-friendly offerings is the wealth of engaging activities, services, programs, and workshops for children, teens, families, and adults. With over 10 million library items circulated annually, PPL forms the foundation of its service delivery. It’s no surprise that they can provide more than 1,000 life-changing and entertaining events every month. For families, one standout feature is the Kids Café. This innovative program provides free, healthy meals to children and teens aged 0 to 18. The designated library space becomes a haven where youth can enjoy their meals during scheduled times, fostering a sense of community and nutrition. Additionally, the library’s collaboration with St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance ensures that each qualifying child receives meals while supplies last.

PPL’s commitment to kids extends to diverse activities, which can be found on their online calendar, fostering a love for reading and learning. Explore PPL’s vibrant world and dedication to family growth today.

4. Liberty Wildlife

Liberty Wildlife is an exceptional kid-friendly attraction for Phoenix families, striving to create strong connections between children and wildlife. Their goal is to nurture compassion, stewardship, and a deep appreciation for the natural world in young minds. Well-trained presenters not only share the natural history of each animal but also delve into their roles within the desert ecosystem, highlighting adaptations that enable them to thrive in such environments. Moreover, the presentations shed light on the pressures that human activities place on the delicate desert ecosystem, imparting a strong message of conservation. This experience encourages a profound understanding of conservation.

Families can engage with Liberty Wildlife’s mission throughout the year. From May to July, on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 9 am to 11 am, they can enjoy donation-based admissions. During October to April, public open hours run on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 10 am to 1 pm, with admission prices of $10 for adults and $5 for students. They are located at 2600 E Elwood St, Phoenix, AZ 85040.

In essence, Liberty Wildlife not only educates families about native wildlife but also instills a sense of responsibility for the environment. It offers a unique and valuable opportunity for families to inspire curiosity, empathy, and a connection to the natural world in their children.

5. Arizona Science Center

Arizona Science CenterExplore boundless curiosity at the Arizona Science Center, an exceptional destination offering an immersive family experience. Discover captivating events like the Dorrance Planetarium and The W.O.N.D.E.R. Center, where hands-on learning sparks lasting memories. Family-friendly and adult-only events cater to diverse interests, showcased on the events calendar, while weekday afternoons post 1 p.m. offer a quieter atmosphere, accommodating engaging field trips. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, the center invites all ages to a rich array of attractions, events, programs, and online resources, including resources for educators.

Conveniently located at 600 E. Washington St., Phoenix, AZ 85004, the center welcomes families seeking an educational adventure. General admission pricing is as follows:

  • $21.95 adults
  • $19.95 seniors
  • $15.95 for children (3-17)

Separate tickets are required for the theater, planetarium, and featured exhibitions, but children under 3 are free. Embark on a journey of discovery, learning, and fun at the Arizona Science Center—where science and imagination unite to inspire.

6. Wildlife World Zoo, Aquarium & Safari Park

Wildlife World Zoo, Aquarium & Safari ParkThe Wildlife World Zoo, Aquarium & Safari Park is the ultimate destination for unforgettable kids’ activities in Arizona. Boasting the state’s largest collection of exotic and endangered animals, featuring over 600 separate species, this isn’t just any ordinary zoo. At the Safari Park, children can get up close and personal with the world’s fastest land mammal, the cheetah, and embark on a thrilling safari train ride for the ultimate wildlife experience. Meanwhile, the aquarium presents a mesmerizing underwater world with over 80 exhibits, showcasing sharks, rays, and a multitude of aquatic wonders.

In Adventure Land at Wildlife World, young explorers can meet incredible animals from both North and South America, including tapirs, mountain lions, and red foxes. For an even more astonishing encounter, Dragon World showcases giant ectotherms, reptiles that masterfully adapt their body temperatures to their surroundings.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there. The Wildlife World Zoo offers a Safari Camp during the summer months, providing kids of all ages with hands-on experiences with animals from around the globe and an educational journey exploring diverse places worldwide.

For families seeking a day of adventure, the Wildlife World Zoo, Aquarium & Safari Park offers daytime admission at affordable rates:

  • Adults at $48.00 (including tax)
  • Children aged 3-12 at $27.00 (including tax)
  • Children 2 and under enter for free.

Operating daily from 9 am to 6 pm, the zoo also includes free public bird feedings, Sea Lion shows, and Wildlife Encounter Shows with every admission. This remarkable destination ensures an unforgettable, educational, and thrilling experience for children of all ages.

7. Oasis Water Park at the Arizona Grand Resort & Spa

The Oasis Water Park at the Arizona Grand Resort & Spa is an absolute haven for kids and families in Phoenix. Earning its spot among the Travel Channel’s Top 10 Water Parks in the nation, this sprawling 7-acre oasis is designed to cater to all age groups, ensuring an unforgettable family getaway or day of relaxation and fun.

Adventure seekers can plunge down thrilling 8-story slides, while the giant wave pool provides endless aquatic fun. For relaxation, there’s a 25-person hot tub and the Valley’s exclusive side-by-side active river, perfect for a leisurely float. Families with younger children will adore Wild Cat Springs, a delightful splash pad designed just for them.

Access to the Oasis is included with the resort fee, and the number of wristbands provided is determined by your room type. For non-resort guests, day passes and cabana rentals are available through ResortPass. With a day pass, you can enjoy all the wonders of the Oasis, including the:

  • Exhilarating slides
  • A lazy river spanning 950 fee
  • Vibrant activity pool
  • Convenience of to-go food and drink service from the Oasis Bar & Grill.

Adults and children alike can relish in the day’s adventure, with adult passes starting at $45 and children’s passes at $40. Best of all, infants enjoy complimentary access, making the Oasis Water Park an ideal family destination that caters to everyone’s preferences and budgets.

8. Tolmachoff Farms

Tolmachoff FarmsTolmachoff Farms, nestled in Glendale, Arizona, is a delightful haven for family fun, especially during the fall season. Operated by the Tolmachoff family across four generations, this unique farm offers a glimpse into the rich agricultural history of the region. Originally cultivating cotton, wheat, and corn, the farm has evolved into a haven for fresh produce enthusiasts. With an impressive array of fruits and vegetables, Tolmachoff Farms ensures you and your family can savor the finest farm-to-table experience. During the summer months, they offer u pick produce, allowing families with children to go around and spend quality time picking out fruits and vegetables. Not only is this a substantial bonding moment, but it also connects children to where their food comes from.

As autumn arrives, Tolmachoff Farms transforms into an unforgettable destination. Families can create cherished memories amidst a vast pumpkin patch and a sprawling 6-acre corn maze, featuring a new theme each year. Younger adventurers can explore a mini corn maze designed just for them, while thrill-seekers can brave the haunted corn maze. The farm also offers an array of additional activities, including:

  • A petting zoo
  • Train rides
  • A hay pyramid
  • A corn box
  • Adult and child pedal cart tracks
  • Jumping pillow

These activities promise endless entertainment for kids of all ages.

From October 4th to October 29th, 2023 (with pumpkin sales and the haunted maze open on October 31st), Tolmachoff Farms welcomes visitors with varying hours throughout the week. The farm’s location at 5726 N. 75th Ave. in Glendale, AZ 85303, makes it easily accessible to families in Phoenix.

Tickets for admission to Tolmachoff Farms are $17.00 per person (children 1 and under enter for free), or $15.00 per person for cash-only purchases. This fee includes access to the:

  • Family and mini mazes
  • Petting zoo
  • Play areas
  • The jumping pillow.

Additional costs may apply for pumpkins, train rides, food vendors, and the thrilling tomato cannon. Tolmachoff Farms promises an enchanting fall experience that your family will treasure for years to come.

9. Papago Park

Papago Park stands out as a truly fantastic place for kids’ activities in Phoenix, offering a sprawling natural playground covering 1200 acres in its Phoenix section, and an additional 296 acres in Tempe known as Tempe Papago Park.

This picturesque desert oasis boasts a unique blend of geological wonders and vibrant desert flora, including the iconic saguaro cactus. Families can explore the Desert Botanical Garden, home to a fascinating variety of desert plants, and the Phoenix Zoo, where kids can get up close with a diverse range of animals. Picnic areas, serene lakes, hiking trails, and bicycle paths ensure there’s always an adventure waiting to unfold.

Additionally, Hunt’s Tomb, the pyramidal resting place of Arizona’s first governor, adds a touch of history to the park. For sports enthusiasts, there are baseball and softball fields, while picnic ramadas and a small lake in Tempe Papago Park provide excellent spots for family gatherings. The park even houses the Rolling Hills Golf Course, offering a diverse range of recreational activities for everyone to enjoy.

Papago Park’s distinctive red sandstone geological formations, shaped over 6–15 million years, are a true marvel. Among these, Hole-in-the-Rock stands out as a major landmark, characterized by its eroded openings known as tafoni. While it may seem daunting to reach the hole, a straightforward 0.1-mile hike reveals its accessibility. From the top, families can savor picturesque vistas of the surrounding landscapes. Additionally, there’s historical intrigue as some evidence suggests that the Hohokam, an ancient aboriginal tribe that once inhabited the Phoenix area, used these openings and sunlight to track the solstices, adding an educational dimension to the adventure. Papago Park is a treasure trove of natural wonders and recreational opportunities, making it an ideal destination for family-friendly and children’s activities in Phoenix.

10. Legoland Discovery Center

The Legoland Discovery Center in Phoenix is an absolute haven for kids seeking an extraordinary day of adventure and creativity. Step into a world where millions of LEGO Bricks await, offering a two-story indoor playground like no other. Your young explorers can take flight on Merlin’s Apprentice, embark on a thrilling quest to blast skeletons on the Kingdom Quest ride, and witness their favorite characters come to life at the LEGO 4D Theater. But the real magic happens when they get to build epic LEGO creations side by side with master builders, allowing their imaginations to soar.

This fantastic destination isn’t just about rides and play; it’s an opportunity to meet and greet beloved LEGO characters and even engage with a Master Model Builder. For those seeking inspiration, there’s MINILAND, where you can marvel at intricate LEGO replicas of famous landmarks.

With admission pricing starting at just $20.99 per person, it’s an affordable way to craft memories that will last a lifetime. For even more fun, consider the LEGOLAND Discovery Center + SEA LIFE combo, allowing you to enjoy two incredible experiences in one day, starting at $25.99 per person.

The Legoland Discovery Center in Phoenix is open from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays and 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekends. So, come and build your best day ever with your family at this magical LEGO wonderland.

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