Do You Need a Termite Inspection to Sell Your Home in Arizona?

Do You Need a Termite Inspection to Sell Your Home in Arizona?

When selling your home in Arizona, there are a myriad of inspections that have to take place before ownership can change hands. As a real estate agent near you in Arizona will explain, inspections can take time and cost a lot of money, but in the end, they are always beneficial to the buyer. Why? Because if an inspection is not conducted, then the buyer could be left with a home that isn’t worth what they are paying for it. Additionally, they could wind up having to pay thousands of dollars to repair the damage that was missed by skipping out on an inspection. 

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Termite inspection when selling your home in Arizona

One of the most important home inspections (when selling or buying a home) that needs to be conducted is a termite inspection in Arizona. Hiring a reputable company to conduct a termite home inspection can save a prospective buyer a lot of money, time, and stress in the long run. Arizona sits on top of one of the most active subterranean termite belts in North America, therefore it is almost inevitable to avoid coming into contact with a termite problem in Arizona as a homeowner. 

Termites can wreak havoc on timber structures if not caught immediately, and dealt with swiftly. In order to avoid having to spend thousands on repairs and extermination, it’s a good idea in Arizona to have a termite and home inspection prior to selling your home or buying a home. Homeowners or prospective buyers can find a reputable termite inspection company through an experienced real estate professional near you, like the Gluch Group in Phoenix and Scottsdale.

What Are Termites?

A termite is a type of insect that survives by eating objects that contain cellulose. Wooden objects are made up of cellulose molecules and naturally occur, therefore it is the perfect food for termites. The structural integrity of a home can be irreparably damaged by termites if they infest a wood structure which is why a termite inspection in Arizona is critical when selling your home or buying a home.

The most commonly found species of termite in Arizona are subterranean termites. Essentially, they use tunnels made of mud to create a path to wooden objects on the ground surface. Once they have entered a home these tiny insects become aggressive and have a voracious appetite for anything made of wood. Don’t be mistaken by looking at their tiny size. They can desecrate a home by chewing through wood and drywall at an alarming pace. 

Another common species of termite in Arizona is the drywood termite. These types of termites can pose a unique risk to a home and other wooden structures as they do not require as much moisture as their subterranean cousins. For this reason, they can remain living inside a wooden structure for long periods of time without being detected. These types of termites can create unsalvageable destruction within the wooden parts of a home, as many homeowners do not notice them right away. Often, homeowners only begin to notice when they find dried-out wood pellets that have overflowed from their tunnels. By the time they are caught, the damage is already done and much of the wood they have invaded will need to be replaced. 

Are Termite Inspections Mandatory When Selling A Home In Arizona?

In the state of Arizona, no, you do not need a termite inspection when selling your home. The state does not have a mandatory requirement of a termite inspection to sell a home, however, many lending institutions in Arizona do. Many lending institutions will require a Wood-Destroying Insect Inspection Report (WDIIR) to ensure all bases are covered upon closing when selling your home in Arizona. The state of Arizona’s Office Of Pest Management has a website where prospective buyers can search the address of a property and receive any past termite history reports

A WDIIR is a two-page document that will include any details of visible evidence of a termite infestation and any other wood-destroying insects. The report will also list a history of any previous wood-destroying insect treatment conducted at the home, as well as pinpoint areas of concern or any areas blocked to inspection. Although the termite report does not guarantee that there are no termites or other wood-destroying insects, it does alert buyers to problem areas like cracks in the foundation or leaking pipes. The seller or buyer may find it useful to treat these areas prior to putting a house on the market to prevent termites from destroying it, or to keep an eye out for termite infestations if buying a property. 

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