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Real estate home inspection guide Scottsdale

When you are in the process of buying a home, there are a lot of steps that have to be taken before you get the keys. While you may be aware of appraisals and other parts of the process, it’s important that you understand how vital home inspections are. These inspections are designed to protect buyers from defects that may not be visible when you walk through the property.

What are Home Inspections?

A home inspection is an inspection performed by a licensed home inspector. During the home inspection, the inspector will look at all of the home’s systems, including the HVAC, electrical system, and plumbing to determine the safety of a property. In addition to the home systems, the inspector will also check for fire damage, water damage, evidence of termites, and other potential threats that could lessen the value of a property. These inspections are generally paid for by the buyer unless the buyer negotiates the seller covering the cost of an inspection in the purchase agreement.

What Does a Home Inspection Include?

The standard home inspection covers the home’s heating and cooling system, electrical system, and the plumbing system inside the home. During the inspection, the inspector will also check the roof of the home, the attic, any visible insulation, the basement and/or the foundation. Finally, the inspector will check the walls, floors, ceilings, windows and doors for any signs of water damage, fire damage and termite damage. Essentially, the home inspection covers the “bones” of the property that you are interested in buying.

While Buying a Home When Do You Do the Home Inspection?

In most cases, the home inspection happens after the seller has accepted your offer on the property but before the transaction closes. This is why your real estate agent will encourage you to put contingencies in your offer that allow you to walk away from the deal without any sort of legal or financial ramifications should the property fail inspection.

Are Home Inspections Necessary to Buy a House?

Technically, you have the right to waive a home inspection. However, doing so puts you at the mercy of the seller. Without a home inspection, you are not guaranteed to have accurate information concerning the home’s systems and if there has been any damage to the property. While you are not obligated to have a home inspection, it’s certainly a worthy investment.

How Much Do Home Inspections Cost?

In most cases, home inspections cost somewhere around $300 and $450 in Scottsdale. However, the total cost of a home inspection may vary between cities and even between inspectors. The price of the home inspection can also increase depending on the square footage of the home. In most cases, these inspectors work for themselves, so they set their own prices. 

How To Find a Scottsdale Home Inspector?

Finding a home inspector is relatively easy. You can start by talking to friends and relatives who have recently purchased a home. If their home inspector did a good job on their behalf, they may give him or her a good recommendation. Secondly, you can talk to your real estate agent or mortgage lender and ask them if they know of any good home inspectors. It’s not unusual for people in real estate to establish relationships with other professionals, so they may have a list of trusted home inspectors. Finally, you can perform a Google search for home inspectors in Scottsdale or Phoenix and just contact them directly.

Can You Tell a Home Inspector What to Look At?

The only things a home inspector cannot legally tell you is what professional to call for any repairs or upgrades that need to be made. It is not permissible for an inspector to give you the name of plumbers, electricians or engineers who may be needed. There is no law prohibiting you from asking a home inspector to look at certain parts of the home, but it is largely unnecessary as these professionally licensed individuals check every part of the home during their inspection.

Can You Ask the Home Inspector Questions During and After?

Yes, you are welcome to ask the home inspector questions during and after his or her inspection. If you are the person paying for his or her services, you do have the right to ask questions. If you ask any questions that the inspector cannot legally answer, they will simply tell you that they cannot answer that question. 

What To Do With a Home Inspection Report?

When the inspector gives you his or her written report, you should go over it carefully and ask any questions you may have. It’s also a good idea to go over the report with your real estate agent. Your agent can then begin to negotiate any necessary repairs or upgrades into your purchase offer. For instance, if the home needs new plumbing, your Realtor will probably encourage you to amend your offer to a lower amount to cover the price of new plumbing.

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