When homeowners think of Phoenix, landscaping is the last thing that comes to mind. It’s common knowledge that Phoenix does not receive a lot of rainfall, and water for lawns is scarce. When driving through the best neighborhoods in Phoenix, many will notice the unique style of landscaping surrounding homes. This specific type of landscaping is known as desert landscaping, which involves heat and drought-resistant plants that match the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape in Phoenix.

Lawn Maintenance In Phoenix

Phoenix is located in the heart of the Sonoran Desert where the average daily temperature is 97 degrees. When rain is rare and water is precious, choosing which plants and natural components to use in their yards can be difficult. Choosing plants that are native to the area, heat resistant, and drought-resistant will give a homeowner the best possible chance at creating a lovely landscape that does not need very much upkeep. Desert landscaping is known for improving curb appeal, being easy to maintain, and fitting any home aesthetic. Landscaping, especially in the front yard, is a selling factor that will create a lasting impression on any prospective buyer.

Desert landscaping is a popular low-maintenance type of landscaping that most homeowners in Phoenix opt for. Now it’s important to realize that low maintenance does not mean no maintenance. Skipping out on the small amount of maintenance needed to keep a beautiful desert landscaped yard will not only degrade the appearance of the home but will also waste the homeowner’s money. After all, it makes little sense to spend money on landscaping, and then not keep up with it. Maintaining a desert landscaped yard may not seem like a big deal, but it’s vital to maintain it in good shape. In order to assist homeowners in maintaining their yards more efficiently, we created an easy-to-follow guide.

These five simple low-maintenance tasks will help to boost the curb appeal of the home.

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When homeowners choose desert landscaping for their yards, mowing may seem a little silly as there is usually no grass involved. However, many homeowners do choose to have a small patch of grass in either their front or back yard. Homes that do have patches of grass need to mow them, as they are more often than not used as a soft place for children to play or animals to lounge.

Do not mow the grass too short, as the shorter, the grass is the easier it will dry out. Leaving the grass a little long will save the homeowner money on watering costs because the blades of grass retain water for future use. Having healthy and flourishing grass is a great way to improve curb appeal.


When homeowners choose desert landscaping, they most likely will not need water often. Not only will this boost the value of the home, but it is also a money saver. Many of the native plants in the area can also be seen in the yards of homes. This is because the best plants to use in a desert landscape are native to the Sonoran Desert. Here is a list of some of the best drought and heat resistant plants to choose from that will create a colorful and beautifully landscaped yard:

  • Arizona Rosewood
  • Brittle Brush
  • Flame Honeysuckle
  • Bee Brush
  • Desert Lavender
  • Mexican Bird of Paradise
  • Langman’s Sage
  • Saguaro Cacti
  • Desert Willows
  • Many More!

It’s very easy for homeowners to over-water their desert landscape plants. If over-watered, they will essentially drown and not survive.


Usually, if a homeowner has a smaller patch of grass, they will have to weed it every once in a while to make sure it looks nice and continues to boost curb appeal. The winds in the area can blow seeds from weeds into the desert landscaped yards of Phoenix residents’ homes.

Homeowners only have to weed through their yard every couple of weeks, which still makes the landscaping low maintenance. It is still important to weed the yard, especially the front yard, as weeds are a quick way to deter buyers. Weeding the desert landscaping in the front and back yard will remove any nuisance weeds before they take over the yard, and will prohibit them from being able to seed and spread throughout all the landscaping. Removing weeds will also ensure that the plants in the yard can receive the proper amount of nutrients and water they need to thrive, thus allowing them to reach their full potential of beauty and improving curb appeal quickly.


Pruning is generally only needed once or twice a year, which is low maintenance in Phoenix. This only needs to be done in the months when the plants are dormant. Pruning will remove any plants, tree limbs, or bushes that have died, thus boosting curb appeal immediately. Trimming down overgrown tree branches and bushes will open up the yard and immediately make the landscaping go from looking unkempt to stunning.
The two main rules for pruning landscaping in Phoenix are:

  1. Only dead patches should be trimmed to allow new growth to flourish in the spring.
  2. Trim only what is absolutely necessary. Trimming more than necessary can harm the plant and could cause it to wither and die.


Due to most of the plants in a desert landscape being low maintenance and hardy, fertilizing isn’t a common necessity. These plants have adapted to living in low nutrient soil with little water. Desert landscaping is very common for Phoenix homeowners, as they do not need to spend money or time fertilizing their plants every couple of weeks. The plants in a desert landscape can flourish and be vibrant without fertilizer and is sure to boost the curb appeal of any home.

Fertilizer is not needed regularly however some homeowners choose to have nonnative flowers to supplement the desert landscaping. These will most likely need to be fertilized, as the soil in Phoenix is low in nutrients.

Front Yard Landscaping

Having a low-maintenance front yard is one of the main goals for homeowners in Phoenix. The front yard is the first impression that visitors and prospective buyers will have of the home, and what homeowners will enjoy coming home to every day. Here are the top ways to improve curb appeal with low-maintenance front yard landscaping.

Add A Water Feature

There will be an amazing oasis for families to enjoy if a water feature is added near the front resting area. The calming effect of even a small pond with koi fish could come in handy after a long day’s work. The calming and relaxing environment a water feature adds to the front yard can create the best oasis. The backyard isn’t the only area homeowners and their families hang out in, therefore the value of any home can be increased by adding a water feature!

Add a Shade Tree

Adding a tree to provide an area of shade will not only boost the curb appeal of the home but will also provide a cool place to enjoy while spending time in the front yard. Adding a shade tree like a willow or oak will help protect the landscaping underneath from the harsh sun. Adding a fruit tree will provide shade as well as tasty treats. Adding any tree that will provide a broad range of shade in the front yard is sure to boost the value of the home.

Create an Area To Hang Out

Outdoor time doesn’t always have to take place in a backyard. An area specifically planned for sitting or resting in the front yard allows neighbors to talk with each other as well as allows the homeowner to enjoy their home in all its forms. This additional outdoor space will add value to the home in no time, as the more areas there are to relax the more the home’s value will increase.

Create A Walkway

Creating a desert landscape front yard should begin with this step. It not only provides a modern aesthetic, but it also allows occupants to freely move about without soiling their shoes or bare feet. With the vast amount of options available to create a walkway, it should be fairly simple to have a walkway installed that fits the home’s aesthetic.

Side Yard Landscaping

Often, side yards are forgotten or given little attention, so they end up being the least interesting. To create full, beautiful, and low-maintenance landscaping around the home, enhance the side yard landscaping. Boost the curb appeal of the home with these side yard landscaping ideas!

Add Lighting

Visitors and residents of the home will be able to pass through the side yard safely if it is illuminated. There are scorpions in Phoenix, so lighting walkways with low intensity is necessary especially when there are children in the home. Not only will lighting the side yard create a soothing ambiance, but it will also help protect residents and visitors. An excellent way to accentuate the curb appeal of a home is to use solar-powered low lighting.

Add Vibrant Plants

Since the side yard area is typically smaller and more manageable than the front or back yard, it is possible to add a small variety of plants or flowers that are not native to the area. Brighten up an otherwise dull space with plants such as lavender, carpet roses, dwarf burning bushes, and skyrocket junipers. Each grows in local gardens, is low maintenance, and can be planted at any time.

Create A Walking Path

Side yards often do not receive water, so installing a walkway from your front yard to your backyard will add value to your home. An added gate makes it possible to set up a simple tea area for guests and the homeowner to enjoy. There are a plethora of options to choose from when it comes to materials, therefore a homeowner can create any type of walkway they want to fit the home aesthetic.

Backyard Landscaping

There is no doubt that the backyard is the most frequently used outdoor space in a home. Thus, it is essential for Phoenix homeowners to have low-maintenance landscaping that is visually appealing. When the landscaping in the backyard is inadequate, it won’t be as enjoyable for guests, and it might be the only reason people don’t want to buy the house. The following methods will help you increase the value of your home with little effort.

Build an In-Ground Pool

The majority of Phoenix homes have pools, but if a homeowner wants to boost the value of their home, they should consider adding an inground pool. Swimming pools above ground are also an option, but they tend to be more temporary and require more maintenance. They also are not as visually appealing as in-ground pools. Many homeowners opt for an in-ground pool to eliminate the big bulky above-ground pool and all the tubes and components that tend to just lay around. in-ground pools are low maintenance and can last for many years.

Build a Fire Pit or Fireplace

Family time is made more enjoyable with a fire pit or outdoor fireplace. As well as adding to the aesthetics and value of the home, they provide an irreplaceable sense of peace and security. Homeowners who add a fire pit or fireplace to their backyard spaces won’t have to go camping to create memories around a fire. Creating a space to snuggle up and enjoy the company of one another will create memories that will last a lifetime.

Add Artificial Grass or Turf

One harsh truth about Arizona is that water rations can be scarce, so it would be almost impossible to maintain a green lawn. But that should not stop homeowners from installing artificial grass or turf in the backyard and making a lush space where it is possible to sunbathe, play with the children and dogs, as well as enjoy a quiet and clean space. With the mix of pebbles and stones, and small fountains for added refreshment, a green mat in the middle would be the best finishing touch.

Improving Your Outdoor Living Spaces to Sell Your Home in Phoenix

We hope this sheds some insight on how to upgrade your yard and make it more appealing to potential homebuyers. And if you’re looking for a realtor in Phoenix, Gluch group is here for you. We are the best and most reliable real estate agency in the Phoenix area. Contact us today!

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