Best Ways To Set Up For An Open House In Phoenix, AZ

It’s likely that a homeowner will hold an open house at some point when selling their home, whether they are doing it on their own or with the help of a Phoenix realtor. Having an open house is a great way to showcase a home and attract potential buyers. Using an open house to sell a home is one of the most effective tools a homeowner can use.

Due to the recent pandemic’s impact on the housing market in Phoenix, and the rest of the country, the concept of how open houses operate has changed significantly. Each open house is different depending upon circumstantial factors, including the type of home, the current market conditions, and the homeowner’s personal schedule. Nonetheless, it can be a powerful tool for generating interest in and demand for any given property in Phoenix. In this article, we will examine in-person and virtual open houses, how they work, and the best strategies to use when setting up a home for an open house.

Best Ways To Set Up For An Open House

Types Of Open Houses In 2023

The best way to create the perfect open house and draw in prospective buyers is to use every avenue available to show the home. Before the pandemic, most, if not all, open houses were conducted in person, with small video tours available online. However, since the pandemic started it is clear that many prospective buyers are using both in-person and virtual open houses to make a decision on which home fits their needs and wants the best.

Additionally, homeowners are choosing to offer both in-person and virtual open houses to increase their visibility and protect their homes and health. This is mainly due to the fact that with the housing market being so tight, many prospective buyers have left their manners behind and choose to conduct on-the-fly inspections and snoop through homes without the seller’s permission. The following are the clear distinctions between and offered positives of both in-person and virtual open houses.

In-Person Open House

In-person open houses give prospective buyers a more personal look into the details and various aspects of homes. It also gives them the ability to ask any questions on the spot as they arise during the tour of the home.

A real estate agent in Phoenix is usually present at an in-person open house, providing attendees with food, drinks, and information sheets. It is possible for potential buyers to explore the house on their own, or with the assistance of the real estate agent, who is available to answer any questions and explain the home’s features.

Open houses are a great way to reach several potential buyers at once during normal, non-Covid times and to make the sale process more competitive, faster, and more efficient. However, the times have changed. While some properties may still hold in-person open houses, the amount of in-person open houses that take place is much lower than before the pandemic began. Check with your Phoenix real estate agent on how to host a safe in-person open house if interested in hosting one.

Virtual Open House

A virtual tour is not the same as a virtual open house. Virtual open houses differ from virtual tours in that they are live, interactive events in which anyone can tour the home remotely. It is important to note that online open houses are not pre-recorded videos. The homeowner’s Phoenix real estate agent will use a camera to broadcast a live event over a streaming platform such as Zoom, Facebook Live, etc., so that participants may interact with the agent in real time.

Virtual open houses offer a number of benefits. The advent of Covid-19 makes hosting an open house virtually an excellent way to allow many potential buyers to tour the home, ask questions, and get a feel for it without being exposed to the risk of a large number of people gathering in one area physically. The homeowner and their family are therefore kept safe while also allowing those who are unable to attend in person to take part in the open house. It’s a win, win, win.

5 Ways To Boost Odds Of Selling During An Open House

There are many ways to boost the odds of selling a home during an open house, however, some are more effective than others. There are many things that can make a prospective buyer turn their nose up at a house and choose not to purchase it. Through the following methods, a homeowner can reduce the risk of buyers not liking the home, and thus boost the chances of selling their home.

Hire A Cleaning Service – Just Do It!

Having a professional cleaning service come in will leave a home spotless and immaculate right before an open house. It is ideal to have a spotless, sparkling-clean home for both virtual and in-person open houses. Moreover, no one wants to enter a home and start seeing dust, dirt, or grime everywhere.

Despite a person’s interest in the property at first, issues such as dust, grime, and dirt may cause their interest to fade quickly. A buyer wants to know that they will not be buying a filthy house, and they believe the cleanliness of the home reflects how the homeowner treated the entire property. Prospective buyers will almost always be deterred by a home that doesn’t look flawlessly clean. It is important to make a good first impression when selling a house, and hiring a professional cleaning service can help a homeowner do just that. Asking a Phoenix real estate agent for a cleaning service reference is the best way to find a reputable home cleaning service company.

Remove All Personal Items

During the tour of a home, buyers are looking for the best representation of the space and are attempting to envision themselves living there. Remember, no two people have the same tastes and interests. Hence, homeowners need to remove all personal items throughout the house, including from closets and cabinets. Personal items that should be removed when hosting an open house include:

  • Family photographs
  • Collector’s items
  • Political items
  • Religious items
  • Decorations with family names

A Phoenix real estate agent will be able to assist homeowners with deciding what to remove before hosting an open house either virtually or in person.

Remove All Signs Of Pets

There are many Americans who love animals. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, there are approximately 70 million pet dogs and 74 million pet cats in the U.S. There are also millions of households with fish, hamsters, reptiles, birds, and exotic animals.

However, this does not mean every person in the United States likes animals or wants animals to have lived in the home they are about to buy. Pets can complicate the process of selling a home. Even though a homeowner may consider them a member of their family, not everyone else does.

Ideally, buyers want to imagine themselves living in the space of the home, so any evidence of pets should be hidden. It only takes one whiff of a dirty litter box, or view of a mess in the yard, for a showing to be ruined.

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