How Interest Rates Affect House Payments

If you’re anything like me, you’ve wondered a time or two, how much the interest rates on a home mortgage affect your payment? Really how big of a difference does it make? If you get a 4% interest rate or a 3.5%, does it really matter? A half a percent who cares, Right? In this video we break down what a huge difference rate can make and why those of you considering buying a home today are actually in fantastic shape. When you look at what you maybe could have bought a home for one, or two, or ten years ago, and how you’d actually be better off today than you would have then!

Hey, my name is John Gluch and I’m the team leader of the Gluch group. Today, I’m going to talk all about interest rates and how it affects your payments as compared to the purchase price of a home.

At the Gluch Group we’ve been helping people buy and sell homes for about 20 years now. We have sold over a thousand properties! I would love to help you with your home search.

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