Concerned About the Hidden Costs of Buying a Home? Here’s What to Know

If you want to buy a home, you should be aware that being concerned about “hidden costs” is normal.

The truth is, there are always risks when buying a home. But the good news is, there are also ways to mitigate those risks. Buying a home should feel like a wise, safe, and exciting decision!

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Hire a professional home inspector.

First, make sure you get a home inspection.

A good home inspection will alert you to any issues that need to be addressed before you decide to purchase. It will also reveal potential costs related to a home’s infrastructure (including the electrical system, plumbing, heating and air, foundation, and more). You may also consider an Arizona well inspection or a termite inspection.

If you decide to purchase a home through Gluch Group, we’ll make sure one of our high-quality home inspectors thoroughly inspects your new property for any potential problems. You should know exactly what you’re getting into when you’re buying a house, with no surprises.

Get a home warranty.

Just like a warranty on a car, a home warranty will cover the costs of fixing things that unexpectedly break – like home appliances, plumbing, or AC. Instead of paying a massive bill for a costly repair, you pay a smaller co-pay, and your repair is covered by the warranty.

Still, you should be aware that home warranty companies are large-scale operations and require approval processes that can delay response. A home warranty is not an instant fix-it. It’s a cost-effective insurance plan for avoiding surprise expenses.

A home warranty will cost you anywhere from a few hundred bucks to upwards of a thousand dollars. And you get what you pay for! Regardless of your budget, Gluch Group can help get you a great home warranty that will reduce financial risk when you buy a home.

Sell your house…or we’ll buy it back.

If you’re unhappy with your home, or you’ve got buyer’s remorse, you can always sell it.

And, if you purchase a house through Gluch Group, you have the assurance of knowing that we’ll sell your house for free within the first two years of purchase. In some cases, we’ll even buy it back from you.

We’d love to walk you through the process of buying a home without worrying about hidden costs. Give us a call at 480.378.6700 or email

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