Enjoy A Pumpkin Spice Latte In YOUR New AirBNB Investment Home!

Now tell me

If you and I were talking, next to that warm fire, latte in hand, one year from now…… what has to have happened for you to feel like you just had the greatest year of your life?

I go through this little thought experiment often with friends and family in an effort to try to get to know a little more about their hopes and dreams, what makes them tick. When I do I often hear various versions of the following:

“I’d like to be a step closer to financial freedom”

Ah that elusive goal of being free financially from the obligation to turn in a 40-hour week. The freedom from financial worries can feel like some kind of magical unicorn or pot of gold near the end of the rainbow. But why can’t it be a reality? Why can’t you take a step in that direction today?

My wife and I are busy chasing that same unicorn and we have chosen rental real estate as our weapon of choice in this epic pursuit. Our latest step is one I’d like to share with all of you as I feel like it’s one that everyone has access to at some level regardless of income level or stage of life.

In August Brynne and I closed on our very first AirBnb rental home. You can learn more about how and why we decided to go the short term rental route here. We ended up purchasing a little 1400sf beauty in Old Town Scottsdale that we are gutting and adding 800sf to. In our upcoming posts we will be sharing how we picked old town, how we financed the home, picked a contractor, and on and on. Stay tuned and seriously, take a moment to stop and picture yourself a year out. What can you do TODAY to take a step toward your bigger future? 

In my next post I’ll explain exactly how ANYBODY can get in on the action, even folks still renting with not a dime to spare!

If you’re interested in bringing an Airbnb home to your investment portfolio, give us a call today at 480-378-6700  or email us at contact@gluchgroup.com and reference this article.

You can also follow along on our journey as we continue to write about it by subscribing to the blog on the left-hand side of this page.

My wife and I with our friends and amazing builders Luke and Danielle Bourns from Dwell House.

Luke and Brynne making some final revisions to our future floor plan.

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