Do You Need a Property Survey to Sell Your Home in Arizona?

When selling a home in Arizona, it’s hard to navigate what is mandatory, and what is not, and that includes property surveys. If a homeowner is considering selling their home and has not performed a property survey, they should consider having one completed as soon as possible. Sellers can gain tremendous benefit by understanding the exact boundaries of their property and in turn sell their homes more quickly. An accurate property survey will not only help expedite the sale of the home but will also save both parties from headaches in the future. 

It is always a good idea to speak with a real estate agent about property surveys since they are not often discussed. The property lines and structures on a property are sometimes clear, while at other times homeowners may have unclear boundaries or easements. A discussion with a real estate agent, like those at Gluch Group, before deciding whether or not a property survey is required will provide the homeowner with a better understanding of what buyers will be looking for in surveys and inspections. 

Do You Need a Property Survey to Sell Your Home?

In the state of Arizona, no, you do not need a property survey to sell your home. Despite this, Arizona law does require that sellers disclose all details pertaining to the property to the buyer that could affect the property’s market value or desirability. It is possible for the seller to be held legally liable if he fails to disclose an aspect of a home that affects its desirability or price point.

In order to ensure everything needed is disclosed, it is always a smart idea to have the property surveyed. Additionally, a property survey allows a prospective buyer to visualize and understand the property clearly, which is a great advantage. A property survey will also assist the buyer in identifying any septic systems or wells on the property which allows them time to prepare for their maintenance. 

According to Maricopa County statistics, the average cost of a property survey ranges from $250 to $900 based on the property’s size, number of structures, and location.

Types Of Property Surveys In Arizona

In Arizona, there are several types of property surveys that can be conducted. Each type of property survey is designed to highlight different aspects of the property. Depending upon what the buyer already knows about their property, they may only need one or two types of property surveys completed in order to be ready to sell their home. 

Land Survey

A land survey is the simplest type of property survey in Arizona. It simply determines and establishes the property lines and the elevation of the property. Land surveys are performed by locating, describing, and mapping the boundaries and corners of the property. In situations where the property encompasses a significant parcel of land, the mapping can include noting the topography of the land parcel as well as the location of additional buildings and even improvements that need to be made to the land. 

As-Built Survey

An as-built survey is commonly referred to as a record drawing. This type of drawing is a formal document that provides exactly how a project was built or installed on the property. The results of the construction are shown in an as-built survey, instead of showing the planned layout that was originally submitted for the project. These surveys are important to be able to close the project. This type of survey also points out the property lines and suggests any improvements that need to be made to sidewalks, driveways, etc. 

Monumentation Survey

Typically, a monumentation survey is conducted if a homeowner wants to add a fence or boundary to their property. Monumentation consists of surveying the property boundaries and then marking them off. Furthermore, a monumentation survey establishes control points in the surveyed area for future surveyors to base their measurements on. 

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