Compromise. It’s what a lot of decisions end in during the moving process. Save the blankets Grandma made, but sacrifice the big bulky dining room table you’ve had for years. It’s a smart decision these days with the cost of moving. Many people are keeping the smaller, and more meaningful items,  and ditching the couches, tables, patio furniture, and the like to keep their moving costs down. 

According to Forbes, the average cost of a long-distance move in the United States can average between $2,200 and $5,700. The only problem is now you need to find new, more affordable options to furnish your new home. 

Big Box stores such as IKEA, Target, American Furniture Warehouse, etc aren’t very accommodating to being on a budget. Their products are often expensive and not built to last. This can be frustrating when trying to furnish your home after dropping a chunk of change on moving. 

The Scottsdale Airpark has several high-end consignment and thrift shops within close proximity to one another. Here are five of the best consignment and resale shops in the Scottsdale area that provides quality products at affordable pricing. 

1. Airpark Consignment

7848 E Redfield Rd #17

 Scottsdale, AZ 85260

2. Lost + Found Resale Interiors

15530 North Greenway Hayden Loop

Suite #100

Scottsdale, AZ 85260

3. Stevans Fine Furniture Consignment

7995 East Paradise Lane

Scottsdale, AZ 85620

4. Paradise Valley Estate Sales, Auctions, and Consignment

7655 East Redfield Road Suite #1

Scottsdale, AZ 85620

5. iConsign

16801 North 90th Street #100

Scottsdale, AZ 85620

United States Census Bureau reported that resale is a multi-billion dollar a year industry. In Scottsdale, the consignment market is booming right along with the real estate market. New consignment stores are opening across Scottsdale, and there are also very well-established locations. From just opening to having been in operation for over 21 years these stores have everything to fit any style and need you seek. You can find top brand-name clothing, appliances, and furniture without having to travel far. You can also find a mix of eclectic styles to choose from. From warm modern southwestern rugs to Spanish Colonial and old-world armoires and finishing pieces, Scottsdale consignment shops have every design and style you can think of. 

Things to Keep in Mind While Shopping Consignment 

  • Make sure to try it before you buy it! 
    • It’s always important to sit down on the couch to make sure it’s comfortable enough for you to watch a movie with the family, or have a guest sleep on. 
  • You don’t have to get everything you came for at one store. 
    • Don’t be afraid to grab a lamp and table at one store and then go search another store for what you want. This will save you money, and allow you to find the perfect pieces for one room or the whole house.
  • Make sure you check each item thoroughly for damage or flaws. 
    • This ensures you are buying a quality product. If you find a minor blemish or an unsturdy leg you can replace yourself, don’t be afraid to try and negotiate a lower price. 
  • If you fall in love with a piece, grab it
    • In the consignment world there aren’t multiples of each item, so if you fall in love with something, buy it! It may not be there when you finally convince yourself you need it.
  • High price tags require research. 
    • Make sure to check for a special brand name, or vintage number. 
    • Do a little research on the product to see what the average price is for the item. 
    • Ask the employees if they know anything special about the item to warrant such a high price. You may just be in the presence of an incredible piece!

Looking To Move To Scottsdale?

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