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Why Searching For Homes On Zillow Is A Bad Idea

If you’re like many buyers you have probably found yourself at some point trying to find yourself a property on Zillow or It can be extremely frustrating for multiple reasons. You’re not finding the house you like, they seem to go away really quickly, the data’s not up to date, you get inundated with calls constantly if you even think about filling out a contact form it seems. So in this video I wanted to talk about why it’s a bad idea to search for properties on site like Zillow,, or Trulia, and give you a far better plan that will help you find more properties, find you the property you want and not get harassed by millions of phone calls, and have help from one singe point of contact along the way. My name is John Gluch, I’m the team leader of the Gluch Group, and we’ve been helping people buy and sell homes for about 20 years now. We have sold over a thousand properties! I would love to help you with your home search. So watch this video, let me walk you through how all this works, and I hope it helps!

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