A One Step Plan For Becoming A Millionaire

What’s the most important thing about you?

I’ve asked this question to hundreds of people at events I’ve spoken at and now I’m asking you. Seriously, think about it and jot down a few answers somewhere.

I propose that the answer is your mindset…. what you think.*

I’ve asked this question in church from the pulpit a few times and most christians would say Jesus or God or some version of that. But, if you don’t believe (think!) that God is real and He matters then his reality becomes a much less important part of your life.

Some people say their health. But without a mindset that believes health is important we are all doomed to get less and less healthy as we age.

Others will say their family is the most important thing about them. But we all know people with families who could care less about them so what’s the difference between the family man and the deadbeat dad? Mindset!

To Get A Million Dollars, First Become A Millionaire

Imagine I had come over to your house last night and handed you a winning lotto ticket worth $10 million. That ticket is pretty important right? But you know what’s more important?

What you think.

Because if you don’t believe it’s the winning lotto ticket and you throw it away, thinking “this guy must be messing with me, nobody gives away a $10 million dollar lotto ticket” then it’s worthless.

Speaking of the lottery, why do something like 80% of lotto winners go bankrupt shortly after winning their millions? Because they’re not millionaires! They may have millions in the bank but their thinking is that of the person they were yesterday when they were broke and in debt. Without a serious upgrade in mindset they are doomed to become a statistic.

Step 1-Become A Millionaire

At the Gluch Group our vision is to help people find home. Part of finding home is finding a place of peace and freedom financially. It’s hard to be present at home when the bills aren’t paid and the future is uncertain. For my wife Brynne and I and many members of our team the chosen method for getting ahead financially is rental real estate. Real estate is responsible for making more millionaires than any other investment vehicle and we happen to be in Phoenix, one of the greatest investment markets in the country.

The opportunities are enormous and as of now we are especially excited about the potential that short term rentals in the valley hold. We believe we are on the front end of something big and we are inviting our friends, family, and clients in.

We are here to be your guide in all of the many complex elements of becoming a real estate investor. However, there is one aspect over which we have very little say or control, and that is mindset.

So this really is a one step plan. Set aside some time today and ask a few questions:

  1. What’s my current plan to gain a greater financial mindset?
  2. Do I want to become a millionaire in terms of my thinking?
  3. Do I believe real estate is a vehicle that could deliver a bigger financial future if I had the right thinking in place?
  4. What am I spending (wasting) time on now that could better be invested in an upgraded mindset (hint fantasy football, Facebook and TV!)

Do This Now!

Allow me to help you get your first step out the door on this idea. Go sign up right now for this 100% free daily mentoring session from Darren Hardy. Darren is a friend and mentor and is responsible for a large portion of my success. He will email you every weekday morning with a 5 min or less video helping you to think bigger. This one action has changed my life and will change yours.

Darren and I with some other CEO friends at Torrey Pines

* For all of my present minded meditating friends I want to clarify. Clearly we are NOT what we think. We as people are much bigger and more complex than our minds. I have found great value in stepping outside my own thinking and focusing on being present. That said, I’m still convinced that mindset is the most critical of the attributes within our control as people. New brain science is finding out very exciting things about the different sources of emotion, our guy, our knowing, etc. At its core here i’m lumping all of that into the idea that generally speaking, cultivating a powerful mindset is critical to our various successes in life.

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