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Chapter 5- The Forever House
Chapter 5 - The Forever Home
About This Project

Donald and Christa Scott purchased their very first home together just a few short years ago. They loved the home, area, and friends they made in the neighborhood. But as their family began to grow and their beautiful daughter Elodie entered the picture, they had dreams of moving into “the” house. The house in which they would raise their family. The one that would hold years of stories and memories. The one that would be home for many years to come.

They were in no huge hurry as their current place was plenty big, but when local builders began working on a house just six doors down from their current home, they had to take a peek.

And they fell in love.

They knew right away that they could raise a family in this house, and it was located in the heart of a neighborhood they had already loved. The new home already had interest from serious buyers, though, so the Scotts had to act quickly. They did, however, need to sell their home in order to purchase the new one.

The Scotts contacted us to help them through this process. We assured them that we understood the challenges involved with purchasing a home while selling the one you live in. It’s very common, so we had strategies up our sleeves to alleviate the stress and uncertainty that could come with such an endeavor.

We first assisted the Scotts in securing their new home, and then we got to work on selling their current home. We help 20-30 families a year with just this scenario and have learned that time is of the essence when it comes to getting these homes listed and on the market. So we acted fast and with great focus.

We put a strategy in place to spruce up and stage the Scott’s already lovely home, photograph it, and market it to as many buyers as possible. Donald and Christa followed our advice and made their house look amazing for potential buyers!

Just a few hours into our first day actively marketing the home, we secured a full price offer. The Scotts were thrilled as so much of the uncertainty washed away. Of course, there were still a few hurdles left to clear, but in just a few weeks, the Scotts got to celebrate the sale of their home.

The Scotts made the long journey six houses down and are now happy as can be in their new “forever” home.