Your Home Sold for 100%
of the Asking Price or
We Will Pay You the Difference!*

Our 100% of the Asking Price guarantee eliminates the stress of selling your home. Get your full list price when you sell your home with the Gluch Group.


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Trust the best realtors in Scottsdale to help you find your next home or sell your current one. Stay informed, have an advocate, and rest assured that you're getting the best possible results with our written guarantees.

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Sell Your Home for the
Asking Price.
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Many real estate agents “promise” to sell your home for the price you want, but the hard reality is that there are many competing factors in the real estate market and this doesn’t always happen. For the majority of homeowners the final selling price falls below what they were promised by their agent.

Many frustrated families face this emotional and financial rollercoaster alone because their agents have no way to help fix pricing fluctuations. At the Gluch Group our team has created a special program that solves this pricing dilemma. We get our home sellers 100% of the Asking Price or We Will Pay the Difference!

*Some conditions apply, to learn more about our pricing guarantee and how it can help make your next move less stressful, fill out our contact form and we will send you our free, Your Home Sold for 100% of the Asking Price or We Will Pay You the Difference fact sheet.

Have questions about our written guarantees? Call or text us now at (480) 378-6700 and we can share all the details of our special pricing program. There is never any pressure to work with us, and we will give you straight-forward and honest advice.

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Why Homeowners Choose the Gluch Group

Work With Real Estate Agents
That Guarantee Their Services

There is no shortage of real estate agents to work with in Scottsdale or Phoenix, but before you hire someone to help you sell your home it’s important to find out who will work with your best interests at heart.

As a seller it’s important to complete market research and interview prospective agents to find out what guarantees they can offer. Don’t lose out on getting the full market value of your home because a real estate agent isn’t willing to provide you with a guarantee.

At the Gluch Group, we want you to get 100% of the Asking Price, which is why we’ve created our asking price program. We’re in the business of serving all of our homeowners and creating a stress free selling process. We've solved the pricing dilemma, we will pay the difference if we can’t get you the listed asking price when selling your home. It’s that simple.

If you’re thinking of selling a home in Arizona and would like to learn more about our 100% of Asking Price Guarantee, fill out our contact form and we will share our fact sheet with you and get in touch. You can also email us directly at or text or call us at (480) 378-6700. We’d love to come take a look at your house and help you make your next move.

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