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Chapter 4 - What Do You Really Want?
Chapter 4 - What Do You Really Want?
About This Project

For many people, there comes a time in life when we move beyond what we need and begin to dream about what we really want. The Mannikko family had a wonderful home in the East Valley that met all of their needs, but deep down, they had long dreamed of living in an older part of Phoenix with a unique character that always spoke to them.

The Mannikkos called us to support their efforts and based on their particular set of circumstances, we decided to list their East Valley home before they had located their new one in Phoenix. Four days later, we received a great offer on their home and strategically made an agreement with the buyer to wait until the Mannikkos found their new home before purchasing this one. Now we could go to work looking for homes, and we finally landed on the perfect home in the perfect location. They were thrilled!

Even better, we closed on the sale of the Mannikko’s home and the purchase of their new one on the same day. They only had to move one time, and anybody who has ever moved knows the value of such a strategy.

Kristen Mannikko loved seeing her boys out making friends in the neighborhood right away and says that their new neighborhood has that community feel of which they had only dreamed until this point. We love supporting families in strategizing ways to bring their dreams to life. This charming neighborhood in Phoenix is brighter with the Mannikkos in it, and we were honored to be a part of making it happen!