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Chapter 3- Don't get stuck with two houses
Chapter 3 - Don't Get Stuck With Two Houses
About This Project

The Liles’ are one of those families that everyone admires. They got married right out of college and started a family. But four boys and seven years later, they had officially outgrown their home. The boys had conquered every inch of their small yard, and so the Liles went on the hunt for a home with a larger backyard without venturing too far from the area where they had grown up.

One home in the area fit the bill perfectly. The price, however, was too high, as it had been on the market for months. The seller had also turned down several offers that were higher than the Liles wanted to pay. Not only did the seller seem unmovable, but the Liles, like most families moving up, needed to sell their current home before they could purchase their next one. Fortunately, we’ve created strategies to help ensure that people do not get stuck owning two homes, and we employed these for the Liles.

Our first step was to get to work on a realistic price for the home they wanted to purchase. We submitted an offer well below what the sellers had already turned down, along with a well-crafted justification for our offer. Many sellers want to know who is buying their home, so we also included a letter explaining who the Liles were and why they were interested in the home. We believe connecting sellers and buyers in this way not only helps with negotiations, but it helps cultivate peace within the seller as they let go of a space that held a lot of memories for themselves and their families.

After some back-and-forth, we landed on a price that was a full $50,000 less than the sellers asking price and $20,000 below offers they had previously refused. Wow!

This exciting news meant that we now had a house to sell! We listed the Liles’ home the next day, and eight days later, it sold! We closed on their sale a day before closing on their purchase, and the Liles’ got to work on their home. Chris is one of the owners of a local home builder, Rafterhouse, and he put his skills and resources to work on this amazing ranch home on more than half an acre. Today, the boys are enjoying new adventures in their big backyard without having to leave the community the Liles love.

Helping families transition into larger homes as the grow has become a core part of our business, and we love the challenge presented by these unique situations.